NVR302A-16-4KS2/L || Diamond, NVR, 8MP, 16CH, 2X SATA PORTS

– Max Recording Resolution: 8MP
– Channels: 16CH
– Built-in POE : None
– LAN Ports: 1
– Video Outputs: HDMI, VGA (Independent)
– NDAA Compliant: No
– VCA Features:
– Hardware Features: Alarm in, Alarm out, Audio in, Audio out

SKU: NVR302A-16-4KS2/L

SMD Plus

Face Detection

Perimeter Detection

People Counting


Tripwire & Intrusion Detection

Pain Points of Traditional Motion Detection

Annoying false alarm prompts! How to filter useless information??

Many videos! Long video! How to search useful information??

What is SMD?

SMD, referred to as Smart Motion Detection. With a Deep-Learning Algorithm, ENS SMD filters the motion detection alarm triggered by a non-concerned target and recognizes human and vehicles effectively, sending alarms when human and vehicles intrude.

Smart Motion Detection Support

Filter Useless Information, Realize High Accuracy Alarm

Quick Target Search

  • Human & Vehicle optional
  • Saving event retrieval time

False Alarm Filter

  • Filter leaves, lights, pets and other obstructing objects

Alarm Visualization

  • NVR/DSS/DMSS alarm push

Easy Operation

  • Enable in only one step
  • Real-time Alarm Alerts.

High Cost-effective

  • Let world share Security by AI

Deep-Learning Algorithm technology greatly improves SMD accuracy and makes it easy for quick searching.

Smart Motion Detection Application


  • Filter useless information, realize high accuracy alarm
  • Detect illegal intrusions, receive real-time alarm alerts, and process timely
  • Provides enhanced protection for property, ensuring safety and security for people and assets
  • Quickly search the important events triggered by human or vehicle detection

Scenario Application


Receive alarm when human/vehicle enter a dangerous area


Receive alarm when human/vehicle enter a dangerous area


Receive alerts when detecting intruders

False Alarm Filter Support

After capturing the target within monitoring range, the camera filters leaves, lights, pets and other obstructive objects. Based on a Deep-Learning Algorithm, the camera may classify human/vehicles and push alarm in real-time.

Filter useless information(the light)

Filter the extreme weather and push alarm caused by human

Filter useless information(the pet)

Push alarm caused by human and vehicle

Eliminate False Alarms

Compared with traditional IVS, perimeter protection delivers higher accuracy, up to 98%

Quick Target Search Support

Extract and classify human and vehicles from massive video data, easy for end users to trace historical information and analyze. Human & Vehicle optional for playback to achieve quick target search, saving event retrieval time.

Perimeter Protection Advantage

Higher Accuracy

Higher Detection Rate

False Alarm Filter

AI Search

Higher Detection Rate Accuracy

Up to 96% Detection Rate

Requires less pixels in order to detect and trigger intrusion alarms compared to traditional IVS solutions without compromising its accuracy or error rate, allowing each perimeter protection camera to cover larger areas from further away.

     Traditional IVS

  • Missed alarms
  • Groups of people are regarded as 1 trigger
  • Distant objects are not tracked

     Perimeter protection

  • All humans & moving cars detected
  • Each person is counted and tracked individually
  • Distant objects can be detected

Perimeter Protection Applications


  • Detect illegal intrusions, receive real-time alerts, and process timely
  • Provides enhanced protection for property, ensuring safety and security for people and assets
  • Quickly search the important events triggered by human or vehicle detection
  • Seamless upgrade to perimeter protection system, no need to change IPC

Scenario Application

Monitoring Area

Plant perimeter, fence

Limited Access Area

No parking area, military base

Danger Area

Construction site, river bank

Perimeter Protection Applications

Recommended Products

Register & Configuration
Configure number of persons who enter and leave, setup trigger alarm events
When number of persons which enter and exit reach the set number the alarm will trigger

Real-time alerts for person which enter and exit on the preview interface

Export report
Export daily/weekly/monthly report by excel or chart

4K Resolution (4K Supporting Options Only):

  • Sharp 4K Video Imaging Technology
  • Record at advanced level of detail for superior forensic data
  • Enhanced situational awareness with clear video, staying alert of all potential dangers

Perimeter Protection:

  • Enhanced Perimeter Protection using active deterrence technology
  • Theft Prevention
  • Efficient Forensic Data
  • Advanced VCA with instant notification

Tripwire/Intrusion Detection:

  • Home Entrance and Exit Protection
  • Asset Theft and Vandalism Prevention
  • Clear Vivid Images and intruder deterrence
  • Home or Business Perimeter Protection

Limited Perimeter Protection:

  • Home Entrance and Exit Protection
  • Deter asset theft and vandalism with active deterrence
  • Clear vivid images and intruder deterrence
  • Home or business Perimeter Protection

SMD Plus:

  • Reduce false alarm notifications with a 98% human and vehicle detection accuracy rate
  • Provides real-time alarm prompt and real-time protection
  • Effective monitoring with advanced detection technology provides safety and security for all








16Channel 4K 1U 2HDDs Audio/Alarm NVR302A-16-4KS2/L Features:

  • New UI interface with easier operation experience
  • Smart H.265 / Smart H.264
  • P2P remote surveillance, video play on a mobile device
  • 16–ch@720P(30FPS), self-adaptive decoding capability
  • Supports mainstream cameras of ONVIF and RTSP protocol
  • VGA/HDMI simultaneous video output, the maximum resolution of HDMI is 4K
  • Remote configuration and management of IPCs, such as setting parameters, acquiring information, and upgrading IPCs of the same model in batches
  • DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol), NTP(Network Time Protocol), and DDNS(Dynamic Domain Name System)

This 16Channel 4K 1U 2HDDs Audio/Alarm NVR302A-16-4KS2/L  Diamond Networking Video Recorder(NVR) surveillance product works with Diamond IPC

Weight6.19 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in