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Diamond License Plate Security Camera 2MP LPR237-6M-IRLZF1050-B

SKU: LPR237-6M-IRLZF1050-B

IP Bullet License Plate Security Camera, 1/1.8″,[email protected],10mm-50mm Motorized lens ,IR(98ft), LPR, Detect max speed(49 mph),Audio/Alarm,SD slot up to 64GB. Professional surveillance security system. Good for all types of parking lot entrance/exit systems. Provides tenants and property owners better safety, security, seamless entry, and ease of management. The first choice for security professionals.

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  • Vehicle Detection: Vehicle capture rate ≥99%
  • Vehicle Recognition: Supports recognizing vehicle type, vehicle logo, vehicle color, license plate, and vehicle without plate. Vehicle recognition rate ≥90%
  • Illuminator: 6 IR illuminators (brightness adjustable)
  • Video Encoding: H.264B/H.264M/H.264H/H.265/MJPEG
  • Storage: 1 built-in TF card port.up to 64G
  • Max IR Distance: 98ft
  • recognition rate ≥90%
  • Alarm Input: 3
  • Alarm Output: 3
  • Audio Input: 1
  • Audio Out: 1

    What is License Plate Recognition and why is it Important?

  • -License Plate Recognition detects and recognizes vehicle license plates.
  • -Parking lot management, or simple monitoring of entrance and exit ways for vehicles has become increasingly complex in today’s world due to high levels of traffic.
  • -ENS License Plate Recognition technology provides an effective solution for a wide range of applications, including commercial real-estate, retail, educational institutions, gated communities, factory, gaming and retail environments.
  • License Plate Recognition can solve several challenges:

  • -Protection of people and property
  • -Control of vehicle entrance and exit
  • -High costs due to physical security and guardhouses
  • -Remote live video for identity verification
  • -Remote gate open processes at entranceways
  • Vehicle Access Control:

  • -Set “authorized” entrant improves ease of management
  • License Plate Recognition Camera:

  • -Alarm notifications are sent when unauthorized vehicles are detected.
  • Deep Learning Algorithm:

  • -Camera can detect vehicles and will automatically capture the license plate in real-time. This allows for a comparison between the license plate and the predefined list. Once the comparison is conducted, an action will take place:
  • -License plate is recognized, authorizing entry and triggering a gate to open.
  • -OR License plate is not recognized, not allowing entry.
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition and Recording in Real-Time

    Effective Record Retention

    Efficient Parking Management with Vehicle Access Control

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