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UNV 2MP AI mic speaker Wide-Angle HD video conference Camera

Uniview UN-IoT Unear A30T is a desktop all-in-one USB video conferencing device for small-to-medium-sized teams. This product has a 100° ultra-wide horizontal view and supports full HD video calls. The built-in 4-element omnidirectional microphones array, customized, human-voice-optimized wideband speaker enables 5-meter full-duplex two-way communication and stable HD audio and video conference experience. IoT-Unear A30Torganizes a camera, microphones, and a speaker into one single device. Features like USB plug & play, general compatibility with leading online conference platforms, makes IoT-Unear A30T an excellent choice for conference rooms hosting 1-8 people and an online collaboration efficiency booster for all business teams.

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UNV 2MP AI mic speaker Wide-Angle HD video conference Camera Features:

  • Omnidirectional 4 microphones array algorithm, 5-meter far-field clear voice pick up
  • Exclusive AI noise-suppression technology, significantly increase the concentration of conference participants
  • Real full-duplex, HQ uninterrupted communication
  • 100° full HD wide-angle camera, in-person conference experience
  • Plug & play, general compatibility with leading online conference platforms
  • Audio & video all-in-one, intuitive control experience
  • Support Non-Distortion, High-Quality Wideband Speaker, Clear Uninterrupted Full-Duplex Communication
  • Support Image Self-Adaptive Skin Toning, Lens Distortion Correction, Anti-Flickering, Automatic Exposure, Automatic White Balance, 3D Denoise
  • Support Video WDR, Video Output FHD [email protected], Video Output: 16:9, UVC Compatibility: 1.1 / 1.5, USB 2.0 Transmission MJPEG and H.264,
  • Camera: Aperture F / 2.4, Pixel 2MP, Image 1080P Video Output, FOV(H) 100°,FOV(V) 62°, TV Distortion <1%
  • Support AI-based Speaker Detection, AI-based Noise-Suppression, Maximum Background Noise Suppression:24dB Full-Duplex: When the gap of acoustic intensity between the near-end and far-end is less than 50dB, Echo-Cancellation Echo Cancellation ≥30dB, AGC: Automatic Gain Control *Within 5-Meter Range, Reverberation Suppression RT60<1s.
  • Microphones 4-Element MEMS Microphone, 360° Omnidirectional Array, Sensitivity: -32dB FS94dB [email protected] SNR 64dBA, Effective Voice Pickup Range: 16.4ft ,5 Meters (In conference rooms with low SNR, the actual voice pickup radius can be 5 meters or less).
  • Peak Power 5W, Rated Output Power 3W, Speaker Frequency Response 20Hz ~20kHz, Speaker Volume 90dB SPL @0dB 1kHz at 0.5m, THD <=1%
  • Support PC Windows or Linux, Mac OS with USB Connection, Desktop
  • Support USB 2.0, Data Transmission over USB Type-C, and USB Power Supply 5V/500mA
  • Net Weight 1.4LB (618g), Gross Weight 2.78LB (1260g)

1.4 lbs



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