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Diamond 4MP Full-color LED 2.8 Fixed Bullet IP Security Camera HNC3I149E-ASN1/28

Bullet Networking / Internet Protocol Security Camera (IPC),1/2.7″,[email protected],2.8mm Fixed Lens, TrueWDR , Starlight, Warm LED LED distance: 30 m 98ft, Full-color. video content analytics (VCA) for security IP camera: Line Crossing, Intrusion, Object detection, Scene change, SMD , Perimeter Protection (PP), SD Slot, Built-in mic. UL Listed professional surveillance products. Remote viewing from your mobile with ENS Security. you can quickly and easily view your security system remotely through your smartphone, tablet, or PC. free download app and no monthly fees.

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Diamond 4MP Full-color Security Camera Features

  • 4MP, 1/2.7” CMOS image sensor, low illuminance, high image definition
  • Outputs maximum resolution is 4MP (2688 x 1520 pixels) at 30 frames per second.
  • H.265 codec, high compression rate, ultra-low bit rate
  • Built-in Warm LED, maximum LED distance: 30 m (98 ft),
  • Region of Interest (ROI), SMART H.264 /H.265, flexible coding, suitable for a wide range of bandwidth and storage situations.
  • Rotation mode, True WDR, 3D DNR, HLC, BLC, and digital watermarking, are all features that can be used in a variety of monitoring scenarios.
  • Intelligent detection: Intrusion, tripwire (support the classification and accurate detection of vehicle and human)
  • Abnormality detection: Motion detection, video tampering, scene changing, audio detection, no SD card, SD card full, SD card error, network disconnection, IP conflict, illegal access, voltage detection
  • 1 alarm in, 1 alarm out; 1 audio in, 1 audio out; Micro SD card compatibility up to 256 GB; built-in microphone
  • 12V DC/PoE power support
  • IP67 protection
  • SMD Plus (SMD+)
  • Full-color Starlight: Using high-performance sensors and a large aperture lens, these cameras can provide colorful images of the environment, even within low-light conditions. 24/7 color Security Cameras are a great option for areas with low light levels surpassing 1 lux, such as huge parking lots, city streets, schools, museums, and so on. Full time color Starlight Security Cameras are not capable of functioning in complete darkness.

What is Full-Color and Why does it Important?
➢ Detecting crimes such as theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other criminalities are difficult, especially during nighttime or low-light conditions.

➢ Full-Color technology from the ENS Diamond series is an effective true color solution for a wide range of applications, including commercial, educational, residential, factory, and retail settings.

➢ Full-Color Technology solves several issues:

  • A. Protection of people and property.
  • B. Human and vehicle detection that really works highly effective during nighttime or low-light situations.
  • C. Efficient forensic data collection through brighter monitoring.
  • D. False alarm reduction through AI.

Where need Full-color Security Camera?

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications
Several Full-Color cameras are available to accommodate various lighting circumstances and requirements. The white-light LED variant provides a true-color image independent of illumination circumstances in full darkness. Non-LED variants are a wonderful option for applications with low ambient light and where the lack of additional lighting is preferred. We also provide entire form factors to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

This Diamond 4MP Full-color Security Camera works with: Diamond Networking Video Recorder (NVR)


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