HNC3IV241R-IR-ZAS || Diamond, IPC, 4MP, Dome, SR MZ

– Housing: Dome
– Resolution: 4MP
– Lens Category: SR MZ
– Night Vision: Infrared / IR, Starlight
– WDR: True WDR
– Water Resistance Rating : IP67
– NDAA Compliant: No
– VCA Features: Basic VCA, Human / Vehicle Classification
– Hardware Features: Built-in Mic, POE, SD Card


Perimeter Protection
Tripwire Detection
Built-In Mic
Human & Vehicle Classification

Key Features

SMD Plus

Reduce false alarm, focus on human and vehicle

Perimeter Protection

Intrusion, tripwire (the two functions support the classification and accurate detection of vehicle and human)


WDR: 120dB Clear details in the environment of strong brightness contrast.

Smart H.265+ & Smart H.264+

Higher encoding efficiency High-quality video, reduces the cost of storage and transmission.

SD Card

All support SD Card Max. 256 GB Micro SD card

IP67 & IK10

Support IP67 & IK10 Protection

Key Features-SMD Plus

After capturing the target within monitoring range, the camera filters leaves, lights, pets and other disturbing objects, focus on Human and Vehicle

Quick Target Search

  • Human & Vehicle
  • Saving event retrieval time

False Alarm Filtering

  • The camera filters leaves, lights, pets and other disturbing objects


  • Simple configuration, enable in only one single button

Alarm Visualization

  • Deliver real-time alarm prompt.
  • Monitor video anytime and anywhere.


  • Cost-effective solutions, let world share Security by AI

Key Features-SMD Plus

SMD Plus
Detection accuracy rate (Human & Vehicle)98%
Human Detection Distance

Up to 6m (2.8mm fixed-focal camera)

Vehicle Detection Distance

Up to 9m (2.8mm fixed-focal camera)

Small animals false alarm rate (cats, dogs)

< 2%

Large animals false alarm rate (cattle, horse, sheep, deer)


Key Features-Perimeter Protection

With deep learning algorithm, Perimeter Protection technology can recognize human and vehicle accurately. In restricted area (such as pedestrian area and vehicle area), the false alarms of intelligent detection based on target type (such as tripwire, intrusion) are largely reduced.

SMD Plus vs Perimeter Protection

Differences between Perimeter Protection and SMD Plus:

Perimeter ProtectionSMD Plus
Supported channels (for back-end intelligence)Several channelsUp to Full channels
ConfigurationDraw tripwire or intrusion rulesEnable via single button
Application ScenarioApplicable to specific areas, especially places that needs directionWhole scene by default

Key Features-SMD Plus & Perimeter Protection

SMD Plus

Perimeter Protection

Key Features-Quick Target Search

Extract and classify human and vehicles from massive video data, easy for end users to trace historical information and analyze. Human & Vehicle for playback to achieve quick target search, saving event retrieval time.

Key Features-Smart Codec

Adopting advanced algorithm of auto stream control according to the environment, smart codec technology realizes the higher efficiency than (H.265 & H.264 ), providing high-quality video, and reducing the cost of storage and transmission.

With the same scenario, the storage cost of 1080P low bit-rate scheme for one day is estimated at more than 90% lower than that of H.264

General Camera HDD Requirement

Low Bit-rate Camera HDD Requirement

17GB saved per day, 510GB saved per month


Perimeter Protection:

  • Enhanced Perimeter Protection
  • Theft Prevention
  • Efficient Forensic Data
  • Advanced VCA with quick notification

SMD Plus:

  • Reduce false alarm notifications with a 98% human and vehicle detection accuracy rate
  • Provides real-time alarm prompt and real-time protection
  • Effective monitoring with advanced detection technology provides safety and security for all

Tripwire/Intrusion Detection:

  • Home Entrance and Exit Protection
  • Asset Theft and Vandalism Prevention
  • Clear Vivid Images and intruder deterrence
  • Home or Business Perimeter Protection

Human and Vehicle Detection:

  • Focus on human and vehicle classification
  • Actively detect in real time loitering and vandalism in various scenarios such as parks, cemeteries, school facilities, and gated communities
  • Accurately detect human or vehicle, effectively reducing false alarm

24/7 Monitoring:

  • Effective Business Asset Protection
  • Efficient Home Security Day and Night
  • Protect restaurant Patrons and Employees
  • Ensure Safety and Security in Workplace


As the challenges have evolved, so to have the solutions. ENS Diamond Series security cameras provide advanced SMD Plus technology with a variety of features to help combat and solve your challenges! These Include:

Entrance and Exit Monitoring / Home Security

Whether it be entrance/exit, side entrance, backyard, or driveway monitoring, our Diamond Series SMD plus security cameras provide clear visibility and excellent perimeter protection both day and night for effective home security.

Using advanced Video Content Analytics, coupled with SMD Plus technology and other enhanced features, our Diamond Series Security Cameras push our perimeter protection solutions to the next level, deterring theft, vandalism and other criminalities.

SMB Loss Prevention and Asset Protection

24/7 monitoring with advanced VCA functions provides enhanced safety and security for not only business assets, but also customer, patron, and employee safety.

Enhanced SMD Plus and Perimeter Protection features provide vivid images and an effective monitoring solution, improving video detail, reducing false alarms, and providing immediate alarm notification for prompt real-time responses.

Commercial Property and Tenant Protection

Utilize advanced SMD Plus, reducing false alarms and providing real-time alarms, allowing for efficient protection of tenants and property.

Provide basic safety and security with Diamond Series security cameras, or advanced protection with human and vehicle classification in order to detect real threats in real-time, preventing vandalism, theft, and other criminalities.






SMD Plus providing real-time monitoring and alerts


  • 4MP, 1/2.7” CMOS image sensor, low illuminance, high image definition
  • Outputs max. 4MP (2688 × 1520) @ 30 fps
  • H.265 codec, high compression rate, low bit rate
  • Built-in IR LED, max. IR distance: 131 ft (40 m)
  • ROI, SMART H.264+/H.265+, flexible coding, applicable to various bandwidth and storage environments
  • Rotation mode, WDR, 3D DNR, HLC, BLC, digital watermarking, applicable to various monitoring scenes
  • Intelligent detection: Intrusion, Tripwire
  • Alarm In/Out: 1/1, Audio In/Out: 1/1
  • Supports max. 256 GB Micro SD card
  • 12 V DC / POE power support
  • IP67, IK10 protection
  • SMD
Weight1.46 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in


  • PFB220C | Ceiling Mount Bracket of Mini Dome & Eyeball Camera

    PFB220C || Accessory, Bracket

  • PFB203W | Water-proof Wall Mount Bracket

    PFB203W || Accessory, Bracket

  • PFA152-E | Pole Mount for PTZ

    PFA152-E || Accessory, Bracket

  • PFA137 | Junction Box

    PFA137 || Accessory, Bracket