How to Prevent Tampering

Security cameras are a great tool to defend your home and business from crime, but they do have a few flaws. For one, they can be quite vulnerable to inclement weather and heavy blunt objects. But don’t worry, in this short article we will go over a few things you can to do to prevent your cameras from outside forces.

1. Buy Vandal-Proof Dome Cameras

A great way to protect your cameras from vandals is to buy cameras with a built-in vandal defense! Indeed, vandal-proof domes are shields of hard, durable plastic that prevent your cameras not only from dust and moisture, but also physical damage. Actually, many vandal-proof domes from ENS come with a certified IK10 rating, which is a standard that measures how resistant an object is to impact. An IK10 rating means that the object is protected against 20 joules of impact, or equivalent to impact of 5 kg mass dropped from 400 mm above impacted surface. These domes also conceal which direction the lens is facing, which can provide an extra moment of hesitation to the potential intruder.

2. Physically Install Cameras Out-of-Reach

Seems rather obvious, but before you install your security cameras, be sure to give a thought to how physically vulnerable they are to tampering. See if you can place cameras in high, difficult to reach areas. Not only will you gain a wider vantage point to observe the areas below, but you will make it that much harder for someone to harm your security cameras (Especially short people. They tend to be the most aggressive).

3. Hide Security Cameras

How can you tamper with something you can’t see? This is the principle behind this tip. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to obstruct the vision of your security camera, but if you can place it in an inauspicious area, it will go a long way to bolster your camera’s safety.

4. Install Cameras That “Watch” Each Other

Another easy way to ensure your cameras are safe from tampering is to mount them so they are observing each other. In other words, their lines of sight are cross one another and can record tampering if it happens. A criminal will be less likely to violate your cameras if they know they are being watched from a separate pair of eyes.

5. Lose the Wires, Go Wireless!

4MP WDR 2.8mm Lens Mini Bullet WiFi Security Camera from ENS Security


Wireless cameras can be a great option to prevent criminals from harming your camera’s wiring system. These cameras operate based off a wireless connection to the internet, and even come with features you can use to watch live footage from your phone.

About the Author: Aaron Avila

Aaron J. Avila is a digital designer, social media marketer, and security professional with ENS Security.

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