SMD Plus

Smart Dual Illumination

Human Vehicle Classification

Built-In Mic

What Is AcuPick?:

AcuPick technology offers genuine video search capabilities, swiftly retrieving the data you seek.Use it to track down a missing person, identify a particular vehicle, or find evidence of property damage by a suspect.

AcuPick Core Values:

Quick Search:

Quick Search | Smart Search by Intrusion:

Draw intrusion rules during SMD playback. Find events/videos of targets that enter the area.

Face Detection:

With deep learning algorithm, Face Detection can detect faces in the scene. On this basis, it supports detecting, tracking, capturing and selecting the best face image to output face snapshot. Face attribute information is classified into multiple types for better analysis.

Multi-Intelligent Functions | Heat Map:

Heat Map could use different color to reflect the number of targets in detected area, and it could be stored according to the time dimension. It also supports analysis of two dimensions – number of people and average strand time.

Multi-Intelligent Functions | Smart Object Detection:

Smart Object Detection uses deep learning algorithm to focus on detection of objects such as boxes and bags. It effectively filters out interference caused by light, animals and other irrelevant objects. It also provides customers with accurate alarm information and reduced false alarms.

Easy Operation | Just One Click!:

High Accuracy:

IPC/NVR extracts and models the target’s appearance details in order to determine whether the target has appeared in another location.

Key Features | Perimeter Protection:

With deep learning algorithm, Perimeter Protection technology can recognize human and vehicle accurately. In restricted area (such as pedestrian area and vehicle area), the false alarms of intelligent detection based on target type (such as tripwire, intrusion) are largely reduced.

Key Features | People Counting:

People counting can track and process moving human body targets to realize accurate statistics. It can provide customers with valuable data for business intelligence reports and analysis.

  • High Accuracy Rate
  • Simultaneous Detection of Targets
  • Storage Period of Passenger Flow Data for up to 1 Year

Typical Scenario | Parking Lot:

Tracking Down Vehicle Vandals

  1. In SMD Playback, Draw Intrusion Rule. Select Human.
  2. Results in Orange.
  3. Browse for Vandal(s).
  4. Find Vandal(s).
  5. Take Action & Export Video as Evidence

Typical Scenario | Shopping Mall:

Finding Lost Children

  1. In Playback, Pick the Parents.
  2. Find Videos of Parents & Child Together.
  3. Select Child With Secondary Search Function.
  4. Use Videos to Track Child After Separation.
  5. Locate Child’s Current Whereabouts.

Advanced Features

4K Resolution

  • Sharp 4K Video Imaging Technology
  • Record at advanced level of detail for superior forensic data
  • Enhanced situational awareness with clear video, staying alert of all potential dangers.

Human and Vehicle Detection

  • Focus on human and vehicle classification.
  • Actively detect in real time loitering and vandalism in various scenarios such as parks, cemeteries, school facilities, and gated communities
  • Accurately detect human or vehicle, effectively reducing false alarms

Built-In Mic

  • Enhanced one-way communication, allowing you to listen in on visitors or intruders.
  • Capture crystal clear important forensic audio


  • Enhanced business intelligence with optimal store layout for effective merchandise placement
  • Identify areas in which customers spend most of their time for efficient upsell opportunities.

Face Detection

  • High accuracy facial detection capabilities
  • Recognize known thieves or criminals, protecting people and assets.
  • Identify VIP clients, improving your customer service.

People Counting Technology

  • Staff optimization based on foot traffic data, ensuring enough employees are available during peak times.
  • Energy efficiency through adjusting lighting, heating, and cooling based on occupancy levels.
  • Safety and compliance, ensuring facility occupancy regulations are always followed, reducing liability.

SMD 3.0

  • Staff optimization based on foot traffic data, ensuring enough employees are available during peak times.
  • Energy efficiency through adjusting lighting, heating, and cooling based on occupancy levels.
  • Safety and compliance, ensuring facility occupancy regulations are always followed, reducing liability.


As the challenges have evolved, so to have the solutions. ENS Diamond Series 4K full color SMD Plus security cameras provide broad area surveillance to help combat and solve your challenges! These Include:

Entrance and Exit Monitoring / Home Security

Whether it be entrance/exit, side entrance, backyard, or driveway monitoring, our Diamond Series 4K AcuPick security cameras with Smart Motion Detection technology, provide clear visibility and excellent perimeter protection both day and night for effective home and business security.

Using advanced Video Content Analytics, coupled with 4K, AcuPick and SMD 3.0 technology, our Diamond Series Security Cameras push our perimeter protection solutions to the next level, deterring theft, vandalism and other criminalities.

SMB Loss Prevention and Asset Protection

24/7 monitoring with advanced features such as face detection, people counting, and heatmapping, provides enhanced safety and security for not only business assets, but also customer, patron, and employee safety.

Cutting edge 4K AcuPick technology, coupled with Smart Motion Detection provides vivid images and an effective monitoring solution, improving video detail, reducing false alarms, and providing immediate alarm notification for prompt real-time responses.

Commercial Property and Tenant Protection

Utilize advanced business intelligence technology, providing 24/7 monitoring, day and night, allowing for efficient business operations, protection of tenants and property, and asset protection.

Provide enhanced safety and security with Diamond Series 4K AcuPick security cameras, in order to detect real threats in real-time, preventing vandalism, theft, and other criminalities.