Dual Spectrum Camera Solutions

Dual Spectrum Camera Solution

Since its inception, the thermal cameras were deployed to major cities in the United States after January as a solution to monitor & combat the pandemic.

Due to the spreading of the virus, the Dual Spectrum Camera Solution has been deployed in business complexes, banks, company parks, and other critical infrastructures across the United States. To enable a safe working environment, many businesses have been using this technology at their facilities to help improve safety. The Dual Spectrum Camera Solution measures the body temperature of employees, capable of handling thousands of staff flow every day. Compared to the traditional way of body temperature measurement – a forehead thermometer, using Dual Spectrum Camera Solution can significantly improve speed and accuracy, and at the same time, help reduce cross-infection via non-contact measurement. To measure the temperature of 5,000 people, it will take about 4.2 hours using a forehead thermometer, as it takes at least 3 seconds to measure each person. , According to the company, it would take only 30 minutes when using the Dual Spectrum Camera Solution, which measures 3 persons per second. It also features a high accuracy rate of ±0.3℃ when used with a black body module. The Dual Spectrum Camera Solution has the option of being used with a special management software, AI NVRs or a special server.

An American company was happy to report that the solution helped their business detect a couple of suspected cases in just a few hours of operation which helped prevent further spread of the virus.

The Dual Spectrum Camera Solution has been on the front line of this nationwide pandemic since the beginning, to assist with pandemic prevention and control in airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, among other sites worldwide which is why it is vital to have this solution to keep everyone safe.

Currently, the Dual Spectrum Camera Solutions are in ENS Diamond Series and ENS Series.


ENS Diamond Series


- High Accuracy: ±0.3℃(with blackbody)
- High Efficiency: Non - contact temperature detection, quick screening, long distance, wide coverage and multi–person detection
- Low Cost: Automatic early warning mechanism, saving a lot of manpower and reduce the risk of cross-infection
- Strong Adaptability: Applied to small scenes such as entrances and exits Large scenes such as airports and railway stations with dense personnel 
- Dating Back: Realize the historical data backtracking, data analysis and so on combined with the platform


ENS Series - Dual Spectrum Camera Solution

When an epidemic breaks out, a command is issued. It is our responsibility to prevent and control it. Due to human-to-human infection, even in the incubation period, the coronavirus has rapidly spread to all US States. The prevention work has been even more difficult because many medical staff were infected. We would recommend all facilities has started first-level response to the prevention and infection control.

Leading technology

- Accurate face tracking present results in real time. Face recognition algorithm is used to accurately locate the temperature to the target.
- Bi-spectrum, dual channel all-weather real-time monitoring. Visible light can capture human face and thermal imaging can monitor body temperatre.
- Multi-objective fast non-contact temperature measurement. Complete 16 target temperature measurements within 30 milliseconds at a distance of 3-5 meters
- Easy to deploy.Temperature accouracy is lower than 0.3℃

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