ENS Security provides technology specifically designed to serve the cannabis industry. We make it easy for cannabis cultivators and retailers to protect assets, while simultaneously meeting state and government regulations. Indoor entrance and exit detection, grow room temperature monitoring, access control technology for restricted employeeauthorized access, and of course robust perimeter protection provides you a full, end to end security solution.


This Cannabis Dispensary offers a line of premium cannabis products that have set a new industry standard for portability and convenience. As a leading provider of cannabis and a leading brand in that industry, this industry leader has faced a myriad of security challenges. As a leading brand in the Cannabis industry, this dispensary chain has multiple locations, and new locations in process. As a retailer with various locations, there is a huge need to have a VMS system and monitoring method with very little camera channel limitations. Especially when you have pre-installed equipment, there has to be a system in place to monitor the current equipment from the previous manufacturer, and the new equipment from ENS and the new installer. The ENS Security project design team utilized various resources, including sales representatives and installer/Integrator. Our project managers began to implement and integrate our ENS Series line of cameras, specifically 100 of our SIP34T3/28-C 4MP IR fixed turret security camera, 28 Hikvision AcuSense DS-2CD2T46G1-4I/SL, and NVRs into all existing and in development dispensary locations. Our design team integrated the HikCentral server with channel licensing in order to add existing locations, along with new in development locations in order to monitor all facilities from one central location, allowing the security team to monitor all locations seamlessly. At ENS Security, no matter what the need, our project design team has access to 6 different manufacturers, ensuring that whatever the challenge may be, we have the solutions you need to feel safe and secure in the cannabis industry