LPR237-6M-IRLZF1050-B-S2 || Diamond, IPC, 2MP, Bullet, LR MZ

– Housing: Bullet
– Resolution: 2MP
– Lens: LR MZ
– Night Vision: Infrared / IR
– WDR: True WDR
– Water Resistance Rating : IP67
– NDAA Compliant: No
– VCA Features: Basic VCA, LPR
– Hardware Features: Alarm In, Alarm Out, Audio In, Audio Out, POE

SKU: LPR237-6M-IRLZF1050-B-S2



Vehicle Detection




Solution Target




By using AI tech, improve the security management, accelerate the response speed, improve the experience level.

Apply the IOT tech to different scenarios, realize the fusion between person, vehicle, object, provide the original data for different applications.

Collect data from application systems, construct a big data platform, fusion data and provide organized data for application and decisions.

Improve Security

Improve Efficiency

Improve Experience

Reduce Cost

License Plate Recognition for Entrances & exits

Our license Plate Recognition cameras automatically capture vehicle license plate images, and recognize license plate numbers and letters. During playback, an operator can perform a license plate search by time and date to view thumbnail images of all plates captured during the specified time period, or they can enter a license plate number to search for vehicles recorded with that plate. License plate recognition technology offers effective entrance/exit management and parking lot monitoring with DSS Video Management Software.

Features & Functions

Barrier Control

Up to 99% Accuracy

Motorized Vari-focal lens

Standard PoE

Real Time Monitoring

Real time vehicle monitoring allows images to be refreshed in real time on the bottom of the monitoring screen. Different color labels can be used to mark different types of registered vehicles. (Resident, Guest, VIP, Black list) You can also open a barrier gate directly from DSS.

Entrance Exit Records Search

“Info Search” allows you search the entrance and exit records by designated points, time, vehicle attributes and license plate and displays the capture images of the records.

Parking Overtime Alert

The “Parking Overtime” alert notification can be used to indicate if a vehicle has stayed passed its allotted time slot.

Parking Lot Management

DSS can manage multiple parking lot entrances and can work with multiple ANPR cameras setup at entry and exit points. DSS can accurately determine how many vehicles are in a parking lot based on the number of entry and exit points. You can also setup the number of parking spots for each parking lot.

Allow/ Block List Management

The notification allows management to view who is on the allow/block list. It also has the capability to export a report of recorded instances.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle access management has become increasingly difficult to maintain for various facilities and institutions. Being able to identify vehicles accurately and efficiently at single or various entry points is a solution that can be applied to a multitude of scenarios.
The License Plate Recognition technology, and in turn license plate recognition cameras have become more advanced due to deep learning algorithms, providing more accurate reading of license plate numbers, with less camera positioning adjustments.
Due to such advancements, a license plate recognition camera is the perfect addition to any vehicle management system. Whether it be for schools, commercial real-estate, office buildings, or hospitals, the license plate recognition camera can be considered the missing piece to any vehicle management system. Below are multiple examples of how a vehicle management solution can become better by utilizing License Plate recognition cameras.

Vehicle Management – Entrance & Parking

Solution Value:

No-stop parking improve efficiency and experience..



In some residential areas, the lanes of are very wide and it is difficult to divide into two lanes.
The driving direction of the vehicle is unknown, and the front of the vehicle will tilt to the left and right, resulting in the failure of the license plate recognition

  • Precise Recognition and No Missing
  • When vehicle passes by, as long as the recognition result of one of these two ANPR cameras matches the white list, system open the barrier automatically.
  • Barrier open time<0.5s
  • Based on physical connection, camera A and camera B are able to take pictures synchronously
  • No Duplicate Record
  • Only one piece of passing-by record will be recorded.
  • No-stop parking improves efficiency and experience.

Vehicle Management – Outdoor Parking

Solution Value:

Realize the outdoor parking management with a low cost solution, show the real-time parking status.


As the challenges have evolved, so to have the solutions. ENS security provides License Plate Recognition security cameras with a variety of features to help combat and solve your challenges! These challenges include:

Inefficient Parking Lot Management

Ensure authorized vehicle(s) enter property
Efficient forensic data with vehicle identification and license plate capture

Authorized / Unauthorized Personnel Entry Management

Pre-defined list support for full pre-authorized vehicle access
Seamless entry and exit for all authorized personnel

Limited Perimeter Protection / Visitor Management

Effective Vehicle Entry and Exit Monitoring / Barrier Control
Enhanced safety and security by ensuring non-authorized person(s) are denied entry

High cost, inefficient solutions

High efficiency low-cost license plate recognition security solution
Reduce high cost of guardhouse(s) or physical security with vehicle and license plate monitoring solutions.


Parking Lot Management

Automatic License Plate Recognition and Recording in Real-Time
Identity verification via remote live video
Monitoring of all entry and exit points on a property

Vehicle Entrance and Exit Monitoring

Control Vehicle Entry and Exit Points in gated communities, commercial properties, and schools
Ensure only pre-authorized vehicles enter property
Efficient record retention processes, useable forensic data

Efficient Visitor Management

Ensure safety and security in schools, commercial property, hospitals, etc. with a pre-defined authorized list of visitors; providing you complete control of all who enter and exit the premises.
Instant alarm notification for unauthorized visitors and personnel.
Seamless entry and ease of identification for all authorized personnel.
Safeguard students, tenants, hospital patients, faculty, and staff with license plate recognition technology.


Gated Communities

Parking lot




Real Estate


    • Vehicle Detection: Vehicle capture rate ≥99%
    • Vehicle Recognition: Supports recognizing vehicle type, vehicle logo, vehicle color, license plate, and vehicle without plate. Vehicle recognition rate ≥90%
    • Illuminator: 6 IR illuminators (brightness adjustable)
    • Video Encoding: H.264B/H.264M/H.264H/H.265/MJPEG
    • Storage: 1 built-in TF card port.up to 64G
    • Max IR Distance: 98ft
    • recognition rate ≥90%
    • Alarm Input: 3
    • Alarm Output: 3
    • Audio Input: 1
    • Audio Out: 1


What is License Plate Recognition and why is it Important?

    • -License Plate Recognition detects and recognizes vehicle license plates.
    • -Parking lot management, or simple monitoring of entrance and exit ways for vehicles has become increasingly complex in today’s world due to high levels of traffic.
    • -ENS License Plate Recognition technology provides an effective solution for a wide range of applications, including commercial real-estate, retail, educational institutions, gated communities, factory, gaming and retail environments.

License Plate Recognition can solve several challenges:

    • -Protection of people and property
    • -Control of vehicle entrance and exit
    • -High costs due to physical security and guardhouses
    • -Remote live video for identity verification
    • -Remote gate open processes at entranceways

Vehicle Access Control:

    • -Set “authorized” entrant improves ease of management

License Plate Recognition Camera:

    • -Alarm notifications are sent when unauthorized vehicles are detected.

Deep Learning Algorithm:

    • -Camera can detect vehicles and will automatically capture the license plate in real-time. This allows for a comparison between the license plate and the predefined list. Once the comparison is conducted, an action will take place:
    • -License plate is recognized, authorizing entry and triggering a gate to open.
    • -OR License plate is not recognized, not allowing entry.

Automatic License Plate Recognition and Recording in Real-Time

Effective Record Retention

Efficient Parking Management with Vehicle Access Control

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