EN-SIW-T86C || Accessory, Smart Whiteboard

Smart Interactive Whiteboard,86 inch,4K,Touch Screen, Built-in 4K camera.


4K Display

Higher Configuration

Excellent Audio & Video

Smart Functions

Humanized Applications

What is Smart Whiteboard Technology?

  • Smart Whiteboard Technology uses multiple different features such as Wireless Projection, Intelligent Whiteboard, Video conferencing, and file management to become an “All-In-One” solution for various applications.
  • Interactive whiteboards, regardless of the application, allow for an effective platform for presentations, demonstrations, meeting hosting, and documentation storage.

All-in-One Design

Wireless Projection:
– One-tap projection
– Multi-terminal projection

Intelligent Whiteboard
-Touch screen supports smooth writing
-Multiple writing and erasing modes

Video Conference
-Built-in 4K camera and 12 array mic (C series)
-USB camera compatible

File Management
-Convenient file sharing with QR code

Wireless Projection

  • Supports wireless projection from laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. Regardless of their operating system.
  • Supports annotations and reverse control of the content.
  • Supports wireless projections from 9 terminals simultaneously.

Intelligent Whiteboard

  • Touch screen operation.
  • Fluent writing with a delay less than 25 ms.
  • Up to 20 points of simultaneous writing for cooperation.
  • Supports multiple writing and erasing modes, inserting graphics, zoom and drag operations, etc.
  • Easy to use for enhancing efficiency.

Video Conference Compatibility

  • Built-in 4K camera, up to 101° FVH-H with less than 5% lens distortion.
  • Built-in 12 array microphone, with 8 meter omnidirectional pickup radius.
  • Built-in stereo loudspeaker.
  • Supports AWB, BLC, 3D DNR, Auto Framing, Voice Tracking.
  • High audio and video performance presents a life-like face-to-face communication experience.
  • Optional detachable PC module with Windows system, supports mainstream third-party video conferencing software.

File Management

  • Convenient file sharing with QR code.
  • File sharing via email.

Information Security

  • In case of an unexpected power-off situation, a power protection module ensures the device continues to work and prevent information loss.
  • Fingerprint lock ensure information security of internal data and conference content.
  • File sharing with encryption effectively prevents the disclosure of meeting information.

What are the Challenges/Pain Points faced today?

As the challenges have evolved, so to have the solutions. ENS Security provides businesses, schools, banks, and other institutions an all-in-one solution to help combat and solve your challenges! These include:

Difficult to Debug

Messy Cables

Poor Image

Subpar Organization

Complex Operations

Difficulty Sharing Content

Product Features

Smart Collaboration, Efficient Communication

Compared to other series, ENS Smart Interactive Whiteboards are not only highly improved on hardware performance, but also has extraordinary audio-visual experience, which could be applicable to different scenarios and meet the requirements of users from different fields.

High Configuration

Android 9.0 | 8gb RAM, 64 gb ROM

ENS Smart Interactive Whiteboards configured with Android 9.0 System, 8gb RAM and 64gb ROM, and Quad-Core Processor. All these upgrades of configuration provide super smooth experience to users.

Excellent Audio-Visual Experience Experience

12MP Camera | 12-Array Microphone 

ENS Smart Interactive Whiteboards have built-in 12MP UHD camera, 12-array microphone, zero-fit process and support gap loudspeaker sound that highly improve the audio-visual effects.

Smart Functions

Voice Tracking | Auto Framing | OCR Text Recognition

ENS Smart Interactive Whiteboards have several smart functions suck as auto framing, voice tacking, pen lift detection, OCR intelligent text recognition, etc., by which the users will enjoy a smart and comfortable meeting process.

Humanized Applications

4K Wireless Projection | Multiple Screen Display | Pluggable WiFi

ENS Smart Interactive Whiteboards support 4K UHD wireless projection on computer, mobile phone, tablet without wired connection, and simultaneous display of multiple images, which makes it very convenient for users to display that content that needs to be projected and greatly improve efficient collaboration.

Solution Applications







· Double upgrade of performance & configuration: Quad-core MT9950
Chip; Android 9.0; 8G RAM, 64G ROM.
· Ultra-high audio-visual experience: built-in 12MP UHD camera, 12-
array microphone, zero-fit process, gap sound.
· Mobile&PC multi-terminal 4K wireless projection, touch back, simulta
neous picture and sound transmission, extend or pause screen.
· Support smart applications such as pen lift detection, intelligent text
recognition, Auto Framing etc.
· Various humanized applications: split Screen, welcome page, quick
upload, screen recording, timer, screen projector etc.
· USB interface pluggable wireless module.

Weight189 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in