Fake CCTV Cameras: What’s Up With That?

A fake security camera from a discount store.

Like fake jewelry, fake nails, and certain plastic surgery procedures, fake security cameras certainly offer the superficial LOOKS you might desire, but often fail in terms of integrity and practicality. Whether used for cost-effective measures or simply through sheer ignorance, fake CCTV cameras are non-functional surveillance units that merely provide a facade of security without any of the actual pragmatic benefits of real security products. Most are often battery-powered and can intermittently flash lights or move on their own, but do so without any real triggers or purpose. Similar to “Beware of Dog” signs or specious placards that say a house is under alarm protection, fake cameras are designed to hopefully deter potential criminals from breaking into a home or property. However, while these counterfeit products may cause some thieves to think twice, they are absolutely not a good long-term or robust security investment. Here are some reasons why.

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Get Fake Security Cameras

The use of fake security cameras has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to deter crime and protect property without the expense of real security cameras. However, using fake security cameras can be a bad idea for several reasons.

1. False Sense of Security

The primary issue with fake security cameras is that they create a false sense of security. While the presence of the cameras may make people feel safer, they do not actually provide any real protection. Fake security cameras are usually pretty obvious. They often feature a single wire (or none at all), randomly move and blink with no input, and often have a cheaper build than authentic security cameras. If someone breaks into a property with fake security cameras, they will quickly realize that the cameras are not real, and they can proceed with their criminal activity without fear of being caught on camera.

Fake security camera with no wired setup.

2. Lack of evidence

Another problem with fake security cameras is that they do not provide any evidence of a crime. If a crime does occur on the property, there will be no footage to help identify the culprit or provide evidence for legal proceedings. This lack of evidence can be particularly problematic for business owners who may need to provide evidence to insurance companies or law enforcement agencies. Having your home or business broken into is frustrating enough, but knowing you COULD HAVE had video evidence of the incident if you’d invested in real security systems is just salt on the wound.

Screenshot from security camera footage.

Screenshot from security camera footage.

3. Ethical concerns

Using fake security cameras can also raise ethical concerns. Some people may view the use of fake security cameras as dishonest or misleading. Creating the illusion of surveillance without actually providing any real protection could be seen as deceptive, particularly if someone is injured or harmed on the property because they believed they were being monitored.

Gavel on Gradated Background with Selective Focus.

Using fake security cameras could potentially get you in legal trouble if citizens falsely believe they are in a secure and recorded area.

4. Limited effectiveness

Fake security cameras are not always effective at deterring crime. Experienced criminals can easily spot fake cameras and may be emboldened to commit crimes if they believe there is no real security on the property. Additionally, if criminals do not notice the cameras, the mere presence of fake cameras may not be enough to deter them from committing a crime. After all, real security cameras are often equipped with active deterrence features such as sound and light alarms that dynamically deter criminal activity.

Hooligan in balaclava with red crowbar, in dark night

Criminals are smarter than you think.

5. You Can Acquire REAL Security Cameras Easily From Us!

Actual security cameras don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to purchase. ENS Security offers a multitude of security solutions on different pricing scales to fit your needs and budget. Not only will these cameras provide real coverage and benefits for your property, but they will also give you an authentic peace of mind knowing that you invested in top quality surveillance tech from ENS.

 The HCC3320M-IR/28-V2 2MP 2.8 Fixed Lens camera from ENS Security.

You can get a handful of cameras (such as the HCC3320M-IR/28-V2) for less than $200 from ENS!


While fake security cameras could potentially offer some cost-saving benefits, they are not a legitimate or helpful solution to your security and safety concerns. Surveillance technology is contemporaneously becoming more advanced and cheaper to produce, leaving little reason to invest in counterfeit security units. You definitely don’t want to be left wishing you had footage of a crime or break-in when actual security cameras are merely a phone call away!  Simply register your contact information with ENS Security and a knowledgable sales representative can work on getting your property secured. It’s that easy.

About the Author: Aaron Avila

Aaron J. Avila is a digital designer, social media marketer, and security professional with ENS Security.

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