System can not detect hard disk.

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System can not detect hard disk.

Post by Tech Support » Fri Apr 05, 2019 9:25 pm

There are following possibilities:

-HDD is broken.
-HDD ribbon is damaged.
-HDD cable connection is loose.
-Main board SATA port is broken.
-HDD is not compatible.
-Insufficient power.

-Reboot Device.
-Disconnect the hard drive from the device, then boot it up with the HDD disconnected. If there are no errors when booting without a hard drive, then the hard drive is most likely the problem and needs to be replaced.
-Format HDD.
-If you cannot format HDD from device, format HDD from a PC.
-Check HDD compatibility.
-Check HDD cables and if connections are secure.
-If SATA port is broken try another SATA port.
-Reset to device to factory settings.
-Make sure you have the correct power cable for the Device.
Replace HDD.

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