Web: How to Set Up Intrusion Detection

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Web: How to Set Up Intrusion Detection

Post by Tech Support » Thu Jul 18, 2019 5:35 pm

Diamond Web: How to Set Up Intrusion Detection

***Note: You must use Internet Explorer to view the system via web interface***

To access the web client, please use a Windows based PC and use Internet Explorer as the web browser.

Access the recorder’s web interface by typing in the IP address on the address bar of Internet Explorer. The path should look like the following: “http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” (Note: If the HTTP port has been changed from default, you will need to add the port number after the ip address by inserting a colon “:” in between the address and port number).

Install all requested web plugins that are prompted by Internet Explorer. Once installed, you may need to refresh, or restart the web browser. You may install the plugin by selecting “Run”.

After logging in, select “Setup”

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After click on Setup, you will select Event > IVS. This will be the page where you will set up your intrusion detection.

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Near the upper right hand corner of the menu, You will select the channel of the camera that you’d like to set intrusion detection for. After selecting a channel, you will hit the “+” sign to add a rule.

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After adding a rule, you’ll need to double click on the “Rule Type” on the rule to switch the type of IVS function.

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After selecting Tripwire, underneath the camera image, you’ll click on “Draw Rule”. With this, you will be able to set up the intrusion detection perimeter. You will Left click to make each point, and you will then right click once to complete the drawing.

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