UNV Tricks

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UNV Tricks

Post by Tech Support » Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:28 pm

NVR301 HDMI/VGA are mirrored. NVR302 HDMI is independent. NVR304 and NVR308 have HDMI1 and VGA are mirrored, HDMI2 is independent. NVR516 has independent control of all three outputs.

NVR516 and NVR308 have E-Sata connections

NVR308 VGA displays 36view but only can add 32 cameras. NVR308 HDMI displays 36 and can add 36 cameras.

When people counting is enabled on a camera you may not use any other VCA function.

Only master stream supports U-Code.

If the UNV NVR is in the wrong resolution for the monitor, hold the middle mouse button for 5 seconds to change to default resolution.

If you switch from main to the aux monitor and need to switch back, you can hold the right mouse button for 5 seconds to change monitor control.

All NVR3XX and NVR5xx series support NAS.

Raid only applies to NVR308E, NVR308R, and NVR516.

Only PoE models have extended PoE. UNV switches have extend mode that can reach up to 250m.

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