HDMI-SP4-2 || Accessory, Display

4k HDMI 1 to 4 Splitter,4K@30Hz


The HDMI Splitter is divided into fourHD video signals from the HD video source. Support for EDID adaptive feature that can adapt to a variety of complex application environments. The device has excellent image processing and transmission capacity, which makes the distribution of signals more fluid and stable. It is a reliable, high-performance and efficient way of distributing HDMI signals.

Divide the high definition video source into four high definition video signals;  

High definition video signal resolution up to 3840*2160@30 Hz;

Compliance with HDMI 1.4 and HDCP 1.2 standard;

Automatic adaptation EDID, can auto-match source and display device;

Built-in automatic adjustment system, make the image smooth, clear and stable;

Built-in ESD protection system;

Simple to install, plug and play;

This HDMI Splitter works with: CCTV Testers

This HDMI Splitter works with: CCTV Monitors

This HDMI Splitter works with: CCTV HDMI 4k Cables

Weight0.440925 lbs
Dimensions5.51181102362205 × 3.93700787401575 × 2.55905511811024 in