HNC7I7201-IRM2-Z-S2 || Diamond, IPC, 12MP & Up, Multi-sensor, 2.8-12mm MZ

– Housing: Multi-sensor
– Resolution: 12MP+
– Lens Category: 2.8-12mm MZ
– Night Vision: Infrared / IR
– Water Resistance Rating : IP67
– NDAA Compliant: No
– VCA Features: Basic VCA, Face Detection, Human / Vehicle Classification, People Counting
– Hardware Features: Alarm In, Alarm Out, Audio In, Audio Out, POE, SD Card

SKU: HNC7I7201-IRM2-Z-S2


Perimeter Protection

Face Detection

24/7 Monitoring

Human & Vehicle Detection

Full Color Technology

Ultra HD Resolution
Up to 4* 2592×1944@25/30 fps

All-in-One Design
One IP, for channels, easy to install and cost saving

Smart H265+/H264+
Greatly save on storage and bandwidth costs

Wide Coverage
360° no blind spot monitoring

IP67 & IK10
Weather and vandal proof design

4-Channel Perimeter Protection
Detects human or vehicle to filter out false alarms

$-Channel Starlight and 120dB WDR
Make sure to get clear details in bright or low-light environments

4-Channel Face Detection
Supports 6 face attributes and 8 face expressions

WEB 5.0 UI
Lightweight design reduces visual fatigue and makes operation easier

The 4-channel streams can be viewed in the first channel, saving on license costs.

One Device, Mutli-Channel Views

  • All in one design, with one IP address, but multi-channel views for multiple uses.
  • 360° panoramic coverage for blind spot free monitoring
  • High value proposition, with more coverage with much less infrastructure .
  • Provides the same detailed coverage as multiple single-sensor cameras, with a quarter of the installation.
  • Saves on installation and operation costs for lower total cost of ownership.

FlexStream Technology

Q: How do you solve the problem that some third-party platforms charge license fees based on the number of channels you require?

A: With ENS Diamond Series FlexStream technology that supports four channel streams in one channel simultaneously. Multiple views displayed in one channel.

Advanced Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection – based on tripwire and area intrusion – sends an alarm only when unwanted movements triggered by humans or vehicles occur, saving you and your users from unnecessary action caused by false alarms.

Supports 4 channels of IVS simultaneously with a false alarm rate < 1%.

Superior Face Detection Capabilities

ENS Diamond Series Face Detection technology can detect the face in the image. Our deep learning algorithm supports detecting, tracking, capturing and selecting the best face image, and then outputs face snapshot.

Supported across all for 4 channels, with IVS and face detection simultaneously. Detection rate up to 98% with 20 pics/fps.

Multi-Channel Technology

  • Simultaneous display of multiple images provides advanced situational awareness
  • Utilize NVR to perform intelligent search, event extraction, and merge event videos
  • Full 360° view and monitoring with no blind spots

Human and Vehicle Detection

  • Actively filter out false alarms on all 4 Channels
  • Actively detect in real time loitering and vandalism in various scenarios such as parks, cemeteries, school facilities, and gated communities
  • Accurately detect human or vehicle, effectively reducing false alarms

Perimeter Protection

  • Property Entrance and Exit Protection
  • Deter Asset Theft and Vandalism
  • Clear Images Both Day and Night
  • 4 Channel Perimeter Protection

24/7 Monitoring

  • Effective Business Asset Protection
  • Efficient Security Day and Night
  • Ensure Safety and Security in Workplace
  • Protect restaurants patrons and employees

Face Detection

  • 4 Channel Face Detection
  • Recognize known thieves or criminals, protecting people and assets
  • Identify VIP clients, improving your customer service

Application Scenarios

As the challenges have evolved, so have the solutions. ENS Diamond series Multi-Channel security cameras provide broad area surveillance to help combat and solve your challenges! These Include:

Entrance and Exit Monitoring

Whether it be entrance/exit, side entrance, or backlot, our Diamond Series Multi-Channel security cameras provide clear visibility and excellent perimeter protection both day and night for effective asset security.

Using advanced Video Content Analytics, coupled with multi-channel and face detection technology, our Diamond Series Multi-Channel Security Cameras provide you broad situational awareness, detecting theft, vandalism and other criminalities.

SMB Loss Prevention and Asset Protection

24/7 monitoring with advanced face detection and people counting functionality combines enhanced safety and superior analytics, providing critical data for superior business operations, and safety for assets, customers, patrons, and employees.

Cutting edge multi-channel technology, coupled with face detection, provides an efficient holistic image and an effective monitoring solution, improving video detail, reducing false alarms, and providing immediate alarm notification for prompt real-time responses.

Warehouse and Industrial Park

Utilize 360° images, providing 24/7 monitoring, day and night, allowing for efficient protection of warehouse, industrial park and property.

Provide superior safety and security with Diamond Series Multi-Channel security cameras, in order to detect real threats in real-time, preventing vandalism, theft, and other criminalities.









· Four 5-MP 1/2.7″ CMOS image sensor, low illuminance, high image
· 4-channel stream output, and each channel can output max. 5 MP
(2592 × 1944) @25/30 fps.
· ROI, SMART H.264+/H.265+, flexible coding, applicable to various
bandwidth and storage environments.
· The intelligent functions of 4 channels can be enabled at the same time,
including face detection, IVS, and people counting.
· Intelligent detection: Tripwire, intrusion, fast moving (the three
functions support the classification and accurate detection of vehicle
and human), abandoned object, missing object, loitering detection,
people gathering, and parking detection.
· FlexStream: The 4 channels of images can be viewed in a defined
channel with 1 channel stream. That is the multiple images can be
displayed in 1 channel.
· Web5.0 interface design, which is friendly to users, and easy for
· Built-in IR LED illuminator, and the max. illumination distance is 30 m.
· Alarm: 3 in, 2 out; audio: 1 in, 1 out; RS-485; supports max. 256 G Micro
SD card.
· 12 VDC/PoE power supply; 12 VDC power output, and max. current
165mA; easy for installation.
· IP67 and IK10 protection.
· Anti-corrosion protection (optional).

Weight0.97 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in


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  • PFB300C || Accessory, Bracket