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JIC-2030 || Accessory, Tools/Tester

Wire Stripper, ideal for cutting and stripping wires 20 AWG-30AWG (0.81 mm-0.25 mm)

Published On: 11/28/2022Categories: , , SKU: JIC-2030

Designed to cut and strip the most commonly used stranded and single conductors, this wire stripper is the perfect tool
for cutting and stripping wires 20-30 AWG (0.81-0.25 mm). This wire stripper features the following:
• Coil spring reduces hand fatigue when using the tool for extended periods of time
• Conveniently located holes make bending and looping wire quick and easy
• 50 HRC black oxide finish enhances strength and durability of the tool
• Cutting edges are hardened, tempered, and ground for superior cutting and stripping



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