LED-24-HDMI || Accessory, Monitor

24″ LCD Monitors good for cctv setting and view living, 1920 x 1080; Full HD 1080p Support, Response Time 5ms, Contrast Ratio 20000:1(ASCR), Brightness 300cd/m2.


24 ” 1080HD monitor LED-24-HDMI Features:

  • HD:1920*1080 HD resolution, 16/9 golden ratio, fine picture quality, more comfortable vision, immersive
  • High definition: Delicate and lifelike, transfer true color, show off my true colors
  • Bright: Image quality is improved for better presentation
  • Thin fashion appearance, exquisite workmanship, body thin about 7 mm, black and white two let customers have more choices
  • Excellent wide view technology allows you to enjoy HD wonderful pictures and feel the beauty of true colors no matter from any Angle
  • 8bit image chip processing technology, high pixel line by line scanning, fine and realistic picture quality
  • Support intelligent 3D noise reduction, residual shadow elimination function, dynamic brightness, contrast color optimization technology
  • The application of the world’s leading liquid crystal drive scheme, accurate restoration of front-end signal, and a strong sense of reality
  • Liquid crystal has small volume, low energy consumption, zero radiation, image stability, no impact on the eye, natural health
  • 2.5ms fast response, avoid the image in the high-speed operation of the trailing phenomenon
  • Using nanotechnology, the picture is more three-dimensional and transparent
  • No flash screen + low blue light shielding harmful blue light band, reduce reflection interference, reduce eye damage
  • Using quantum dot technology, the picture color is more vivid and fuller

24 ” 1080HD monitor LED-24-HDMI Specification:

  • The product type: Professional monitor
  • Product model: AE-LED24A-QL
  • Screen inch: 24″
  • Screen type: LED
  • Aspect ratio:16:9
  • Bright degree: 250nit
  • Contrast:3000:1
  • Response time:2.5 ms
  • Visual area:530×300 mm
  • Visual Angle:160° /170°
  • Display colour:16.7M
  • Distinguishability:1920*1080
  • Control method: panel
  • Input port: HDMI、VGA、audio input
  • Audio input: stereo speaker
  • Power supply:12V/5A
  • Power:25W
  • Shell material: Flame retardant metal
  • External dimension:538*318*44 Bracket height is not included(Bracket height 65mm)
  • Product carton weight:0.57kg
  • Foam size:578*360*100(mm)
  • Way to install: Base, wall hanging (80*80mm)
  • Product weight:2.3kg
  • Packing box size:595*120*385
  • Rough weight:3.3kg
  • Out packing size:5 a box
  • Operating ambient temperature: Most suitable for 20°
  • Working environment wet: 10%-90%RH
  • Storage temperature:-20° — 60°
Weight12.1275 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in