SIPSB8MASBR/4-U2 || ENS-H, IPC, 4K / 8MP, Panoramic, 4.0mm Fixed

– Housing: Panoramic
– Resolution: 4K / 8MP
– Lens Category: 4.0mm Fixed
– Night Vision: Full Time Color, LED, Starlight
– WDR: True WDR
– Water Resistance Rating : IP67
– NDAA Compliant: No
– VCA Features: Active Deterrence, Basic VCA, Human / Vehicle Classification
– Hardware Features: 2 Way Audio, Alarm In, Alarm Out, Audio In, Audio Out, Built-in Mic, Built-in Speaker, POE, SD Card


Perimeter Protection

IVS Motion Detection

24/7 Monitoring

Human and Vehicle Classification

Strobelight & Audio Alarm

Perimeter Protection:

  • Enhanced Perimeter Protection
  • Theft Prevention
  • Efficient Forensic Data
  • Advanced VCA with quick notification

24/7 Monitoring:

  • Effective Business Asset Protection
  • Efficient Home Security Day and Night
  • Protect restaurant Patrons and Employees
  • Ensure Safety and Security in Workplace

IVS Motion Detection:

  • Home Entrance and Exit Protection
  • Asset Theft and Vandalism Prevention
  • Clear Vivid Images and intruder deterrence
  • Home or Business Perimeter Protection

Human & Vehicle Classification:

  • Focus on human and vehicle classification
  • Technology is Based on Deep Learning Algorithms

Strobelight & Audio Alarm:

  • Active strobe light
  • Audio Alarm to warn intruders off

Technological Advantage

Conventional security solution for reducing blind zones: multiple cameras

One camera with wider field of view reduces blind zone with higher efficiency

One camera can cover the whole hall and break through the limit of field of view.

  • The image of the panoramic camera with full color comes from the fusion result of dual lenses and dual sensors.
  • Thanks to the pioneering pixel-level image registration technology and a proprietary image fusion algorithm, the fusion video is seamless with smooth movement of targets.
  • By using “pixel-level” matching between the images from the left-side and right-side sensors, the technology prevents any blind spots, or image “twisting”, or “distortion”.
  • Consistent across the entire wide-angle image. This is a significant improvement vs. traditional panoramic cameras, which do not compensate for the different lighting conditions experienced by left- and right-side lenses.

Dual Lens, Fusion Image

180° Panoramic View, Seamless Image

Seamless fusion image in one view

Benefits of Panoramic Cameras

Multiple Cameras

  • More camera costs
  • Higher installation cost and time consuming
  • Insufficient camera numbers may leave blind spot


Panoramic Camera with ColorVu

  • Single camera covers wide area without blind spot
  • Installation cost reduced
  • Target search is easier in one channel than in multiple channels.










High quality imaging with 8MP resolution
One image that presents all the scenes covered by the
24/7 Full-Color imaging
Efficient H.265+ compression technology
Clear imaging against strong back light due to 130 dB
true WDR technology
Focus on human and vehicle classification based on
deep learning
Active strobe light and audio alarm to warn intruders off
Water and dust resistant (IP67)

Weight4.16 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in


  • UJB120-W || Accessory, Bracket

  • ES1275ZJ-SUS || Accessory, Bracket

  • ES1260ZJ || Accessory, Bracket