Technological Solutions for 

Agricultural Needs

Modern agriculture faces diverse challenges, necessitating robust security measures. ENS offers a comprehensive suite of security technologies to safeguard equipment, livestock, assets, and personnel.

From perimeter protection to crop monitoring, their systems operate year-round, day and night, providing remote access and valuable business insights through smart analytics.

ENS Security: Exceptional Technology with Excellent Value

ENS presents cutting-edge industry technologies at an exceptional value. Our offerings encompass:

  • Centralized management software (CMS), cost-effective for overseeing single or multiple sites from a unified system.
  • High definition 4K quality ensures sharp visuals, with PTZ capability for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Thermal technology enhances security by detecting threats along property perimeters, issuing early warnings for fire prevention, and monitoring moisture levels in growing areas.
  • Weather-proof and vandal-proof cameras offer versatile security solutions, adaptable to varying weather conditions and high-risk environments.
  • Full-Color and Active-Deterrence technology provides additional security by pinpointing intruders with full color at night visuals and strobe lights and audio alarms.


ENS offers versatile management capabilities for single or multiple locations, enhancing security and situational awareness in agricultural settings and asset protection scenarios. Providing fully scalable systems that simplify monitoring and rapid response. It also provides:

  • Access Control: VMS enhances controlled access points both indoors and outdoors, supporting visitor management through access control technology, streamlining identification for authorized personnel and visitors.
  • Asset Protection: With Intelligent analytics, perimeter protection, line crossing, and exit/entrance detection, ENS solutions maximize asset security, ensuring early detection and warning capabilities.
  • Leveraging thermal technology, ENS provides various solutions which detect hear and temperature variations, enabling early alerts for fire prevention and moisture level monitoring in cultivation areas.
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: Our cutting-edge, security technology provides situational awareness with dynamic alarm arming, area maps, and multi-location management; facilitating precise asset monitoring, including livestock, crops, and machinery.


Performance ThermalLPR & Gate ControlSolar Power Technology


Central management system

Advanced PTZ Technology

Active Deterrence with Red & Blue Light Flash Alarm

Access Control CapabilityFull Color Cameras


  1. Entrance/Exit Driveway
    ENS LPR (License Plate Recognition) technology integrated with gate management efficiently captures high-quality images of license plates as they enter and exit your premises. 
  2. Perimeter Fence/Property Surveillance
    Advanced PTZ and panoramic cameras deliver superior surveillance coverage over expansive open spaces, enhancing situational awareness for agricultural properties. 
  3. Calving Barn
    Leverage various ENS 360° fisheye options to zoom in and view the activity of cradle during calving. 
  4. Holding Pens
    Monitor animal behavior, track feed lanes, and oversee employee work activities. 
  5. Crop Management
    Our bi-spectrum thermal technology enables nighttime observation without the need for supplementary lighting. 
  6. Machinery/Equipment
    ENS provides Full-Color Technology solutions that ensure visibility in darkness, enhancing protection and deterring threats to property and equipment. 
  7. Fuel Tanks/Water Supply
    Our high-megapixel Active Deterrence solutions offer clear visuals of fuel tanks and water supplies, along with strobe lighting and sound alarms. 
  8. Hay Management
    Hay bales can spontaneously ignite, causing major fires. Using ENS thermal cameras can detect temperature changes early, alerting property owners and managers quickly. 
  9. Produce Theft
    Utilize the most cutting-edge human and vehicle detection capabilities to accurately detect human activity, and effectively deter theft while simultaneously minimizing false alarms. 
  10. Crop Protection Chemicals
    ENS Security offers a wide variety of solutions with advanced Video Analytics. This provides secure perimeter protection for high-danger areas such as chemical warehouses.



ENS Full-Color at night technology provides excellent true color solutions, detecting theft, vandalism, and other criminalities with enhanced image detail in extreme no light or low-light conditions for commercial property entranceways, parking lots and/or alley-ways.


  • 8MP 4K Full-Color turret
  • 24 hour Full-Color images with built-in mic
  • IP67 protection


  • 8MP 4K Full-Color bullet
  • 24 hour Full-Color images with built-in mic
  • IP67 protection


  • 8MP 4K Full-Color turret
  • 24 hour Full-Color images with built-in mic
  • IP67 protection


Access control and intercom installation are essential for commercial real estate properties. They ensure enhanced security by restricting unauthorized entry, allowing tenants to verify visitors’ identities, and enabling delivery staff to communicate with building personnel. These systems provide peace of mind, streamline operations, and protect property and occupants.


  • Access control terminal Equipped with an RFID reader, controller, and touch keypad.
  • Easily connected to PoE


  • Smart access controller
  • 4-Door controller
  • Support up to 50,000 users and 100,000 event logs


  • Stylish, high-end Android 9.0 Door Phone
  • 8” LCD Touch-Screen
  • IP65


Safeguard your property and assets with advanced perimeter protection combined with active deterrence technology. Receive information and alerts and verify potential risks in real time. Utilize advanced deterrent features such as siren and light alarm, red and blue flashing lights, audio warnings, and Full-Color at night to actively warn off intruders.


  • 4K Active Deterrence bullet camera with clear, vivid images
  • SMD+ with red & blue flash alarm
  • Built-in mic and speaker


  • Smart Dual Illumination
  • Built-in mic & speaker
  • Smart Motion Detection Plus with red and blue flash alarm


  • Smart Dual Illumination
  • Built-in mic & speaker
  • Smart Motion Detection Plus with red and blue flash alarm

Advanced PTZ & Solar Technology

ENS offers a unique solution to a variety of unique challenges. Our Solar powered configurations are made to provide safety and security in areas where a power supply and Ethernet cable cannot be reached or cannot be relied upon. Solar also allows for monitoring interruptions such as a power outage, power shortage, or black out to not be a factor.


  • License Plate Reader camera
  • Red & blue flash alarm
  • IP67 & IK10 protection


  • Solar-Powered bullet camera
  • 24-hour Full-Color images
  • 360 WH chargeable lithium battery


  • PTZ camera with 32x Zoom
  • Face Detection & Auto-Tracking


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