10″ Android Door Phone

Multi-functional Camera Module
for Seamless Door Entry

Meet Individual Preferences

15+ Entry Options

S539 supports more than 15 access control methods, such as face recognition, QR code, hands-free Bluetooth, and even two-factor authentication like Face + Pin, meeting the requirements or different users as well as enhancing entry security.




Face Recognition

QR Code


Face Recognition + PIN

Face Recognition + Card

Card + PIN

Green and Secure

Smarter Motion Detection

Users can customize the motion detection zone to reduce alerts triggered by cars driving by or trees swaying, decreasing the device’s wake-up times to preserve energy. The alert feature helps to improve building security as well.


All for a Better User Experience

High-performance Cameras

The dedicated QR code camera allows QR
code scanning and face recognition to be
done on the same screen, making it
smoother to gain access.

Starlight and HDR camera technologies offer high-quality images and videos in all light conditions be it a sunny day or dark night, bringing users a stronger sense of security.







A smart intercom,
as well as gear for an audiophile

Get a Hold of Great Sound

The powerful quad-speaker, quad-channel sound system offers clear highs,
dynamic mids and deep bass, producing rich, detailed sound that adapts to
any room and reproducing the sounds as they’re meant to be heard. So
residents can enjoy crystal clear audio communication with visitors as if
conversing face to face before buzzing them in.

Extend What’s Possible
for an Indoor Monitor

The high openness of Android 12 OS
allows S567 to be integrated with
mainstream smart home systems.

Akuvox Global
Smart Home Partners

When you are testing a
new recipe, S567 is your
cooking tutorial.

Enjoy the weekend in your
own space. S567 creates
the perfect mood for you.

Enjoy Greater Stability
with Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 is designed to improve speed,
increase efficiency and reduce congestion
in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios. The
built-in Wi-Fi 6 protocol of S567 promises
wider coverage, better penetration  and
more stable connections even if you have a
large number of devices in your household.

Smart 2-Wire IP Intercom Kit
for Easy Building Retrofitting

Fit for Projects Large or Small

The kit boasts a long data transmission distance
between devices and excellent compatibility with
existing wiring, making it suitable for a villa or
a large apartment building.

Flexible Property Access

The compact door phone offers
multiple door entry methods,
including RDIF cards, NFC, and
mobile app.

Convenient House Calls

When there are multiple rooms in one’s
home, additional indoor monitors can be
added to enable convenient room-to-room

Door Unlocking
from Anywhere

You can see and talk to visitors and unlock
doors for them via the indoor monitor or
that intuitive app on your smartphone.

Easy Addition
of Access Cards

Adding access cards by residents is
supported and easy to configure. Residents
just have to present a card to the door
phone under its engineering mode to finish
the binding. It’s simple and efficient.

Plug and Play

Installers just have to power up the system
and set it up directly on the devices, and
various intercom features, such as intercom
calls and door unlocking, are instantly
available. It’s truly convenient.

Key Product Parameters

Open A Smart World


2-Wire SIP Video Door Phone

  • Vandal-resistant body, with a flush button.
  • Two-pin wire for power supply and network access.
  • Wide-angle camera: 110° (H), 58° (V).
  • IC/ID card reader embedded.
  • Two-way audio communication over IP networks
    with echo cancellation & noise suppression.
  • H.264 video compression.


2-Wire SIP Indoor Monitor

  • 7″ touch screen with 800 x 480 resolution.
  • Eight-channel inputs and one built-in relay.
  • White color housing available.
  • Support 2-wire connection.

SmartPlus App

2-Wire SIP Indoor Monitor

  • See who is at the door before answering the call.
  • Video calling with visitors and remote door unlocking.
  • Receive instant notifications of incoming calls.
  • Access date and time-stamped door release tags.