What is Business Intelligence Technology?

Video surveillance can be a valuable tool for businesses seeking to gain insight into their operations and improve their bottom line. By analyzing the footage captured by security cameras, businesses can extract a wealth of data about their customers, employees, and overall operations.

  • Promote efficient staff optimization.
  • Optimize store layouts, strategic product placement, and efficient marketing opportunities.

Heat Mapping

People Counting

Facial Recognition

Line Queuing


Access Control

What are the Challenges/Pain Points faced today?

As the challenges have evolved, so to have the solutions. ENS Security provides businesses, schools, banks, and other institutions an all-in-one solution to help combat and solve your challenges! These include:

Broad Area Surveillance

  1. Reduction in liability by identifying potential hazards and taking steps to mitigate them.
  2. Video surveillance can also improve workplace safety and security through active deterrence and full color technology.
  3. Increase asset protection, monitor areas prone to accidents or theft by utilizing active deterrence technology.
  4. Analyzing interactions with customers and transactions at the point of sale can identify employees who excel in customer service or require additional training.

Video Surveillance and Business Intelligence?

Video Surveillance can use a range of technologies to provide business intelligence, helping businesses to optimize their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase overall business performance. This data can be utilized in order to make more informed decisions and develop strategies that are tailored to specific needs of the business.


  • Utilize heatmapping technology, determine high traffic areas within your own business.
  • Optimize store layouts, product placement, and improve upsell opportunities based on customer traffic patterns.

People Counting

  • Analyze customer foot traffic to determine peak business hours.
  • Optimize staff levels to match customer demand. Reduce labor costs and improve customer service.

Line Queuing Technology

  • Track customer wait times, and use this data to optimize staff levels, improve customer service, and meet customer demand.
  • Improve operational efficiency by identifying bottlenecks in the service process, optimize workflow to better efficiency.
  • Utilize video surveillance to Identify and improve staff performance. Track how long it takes for your employee to service customers and how many customers are serviced during a given period.

Facial Recognition

  • Identify customers and employees, analyze customer behavior and employee performance.
  • Improve customer service by identifying “special” customers when they enter a store, or casino. Allowing for staff to provide personalized service and increase customer loyalty.

License Plate Recognition Technology

  • Use LPR technology to improve parking management through many applications.
  • Track number or cars entering and exiting a parking lot, as well as duration to optimize parking lot capacity and improve traffic flow, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Identify repeat and VIP customers in hotels, casinos, and stores; allowing businesses to provide personalized service and increase customer loyalty.

Access Control Technology

Access control systems can provide valuable business intelligence to companies seeking to optimize their operations and improve security.

  • Reduce liability by restricting access to certain areas, promoting safety and security not only to assets, but to employees as well.
  • Improve employee productivity by monitoring and tracking staff time and attendance. Utilize this data to optimize scheduling, adjust staff levels to meet customer demand, determine if employees should be trained or replaced, and significantly improve customer service and business operations.

Solution Applications