What is Surveillance Storage Technology?

  • Security camera hard drives, otherwise known as surveillance-rated hard disk drive (HDD), is primarily used for 24/7 storage and secure retention of video footage.
  • Security storage such as WD Purple are specifically engineered for various security applications; providing the technology to withstand hard environments, like heat fluctuations, in order to support high definition surveillance systems.

Surveillance Support

20TB Support

Heat Resistant Technology

Tarnish Resistant

24/7 Surveillance Storage Support

Robust Storage Solutions

  • Video footage recorded and communicated by gateway appliance (Network Video Recorder or Digital Video Recorder)
  • Data can be stored via storage device
  • Comprehensive storage support for smart home devices
  • Video footage capture up to 20,000 hours of recording
  • Record in 4K or full HD with the ability to withstand harsh environments
  • Efficiently detect video metadata, video streaming, and host OS system data
  • Optimize performance by intelligent data utilization and reduced RPM, resulting in less power used
  • Lower RPM speed operation for increased power efficiency and performance

Uncompromising Storage with Western Digital Purple Surveillance Hard Drives

WD Purple hard drives have been specifically engineered to support multi-camera surveillance systems. Designed to withstand heat fluctuations, these drives can endure 24/7 “always-on environment” surveillance system requirements.

Exclusive “AllFrame Technology”

  • Improved ATA streaming
  • Reduction in frame loss within footage
  • Improve video playback within security video solutions

Enhanced Workload Ratings

  • Can support up to 180tb/year or (550tb/year for Purple Pro)
  • Improves and supports distinctive demands of mainstream video surveillance DVR and NVR systems.

Multi-Camera and Multi-Stream

  • Purple drives support up to 64 single-stream HD cameras (6tb and above)
  • Communicate multiple streams, supporting basic AI functionality
  • Ease of use and flexible for future upgrades

Proactive Storage Management with WDDA

  • Western Digital Device Analytics (WDDA) provides operational and diagnostic data to the system
  • Advanced algorithms breakdown data and alerts system administrators
  • Storage devices which can maintain optimal operations

Multi-Camera System Support

  • MTBF of up to 1 million hours
  • Supports 24/7 operations of surveillance systems
  • Tarnish Resistant, allowing for operations in harsh environments

What are the Challenges/Pain Points faced today?

As the challenges have evolved, so to have the solutions. ENS Security provides businesses, schools, banks, and other institutions an all-in-one solution to help combat and solve your challenges! These include:

24/7 Storage and Harsh Environments

  1. Withstand fluctuations of heat and cold, ensuring optimal operations
  2. Tarnish resistant technology, supporting video surveillance systems by withstanding various extreme harsh environments.

High-Cost Solutions

  1. With capacity up to 20tb, WD Purple drives allow you to do more with less.
  2. Tarnish Resistant technology, weather resistant technology, withstanding harsh environments, ensuring operations continue 24/7
  3. Health Monitoring capabilities, keeping track of performance and quality

Heavy Workload Support

  1. Can support up to 180tb/year or (550tb/year for Purple Pro)
  2. Improves and supports distinctive demands of mainstream video surveillance DVR and NVR systems.

Solution Applications