Map Legend


1 LightFighter camera technology allows for clear visibility and excellent video quality, even in harsh sunlight and high contrast conditions


2 High resolution cameras paired with edge analytics provide detailed content for shipment and stock verification on-site or remotely via mobile device.


3 Hikvision’s AcuSense and ColorVu technologies deliver full-color, accurate human detection and filter out other causes of motion, helping to detect dumpster diving or employee theft activity.


4 Ultra-low light cameras with DarkFighter technology capture highly sensitive areas. Access control can restrict access to servers, cash rooms, and other sensitive areas.


5 Hikvision’s mini camera is discreet and features 90-degree rotation mode for vertical-perspective, enabling capture of human activity and limiting wall coverage.


6 High megapixel fisheye cameras provide wide-area surveillance across open floor plans.


7 HikCentral mobile applications allow first responders the ability to remotely view video footage via smart devices.


8 DarkFighter, ultra-low light technology, and multi-sensor imaging cameras cover the entire parking area, producing superior video and images with fewer cameras. This saves on installation costs and maintenance while providing adequate coverage for slip and falls or vandalism.


9 Hikvision provides ease-of-viewing with live video, alarm notifications, and system health check status available on mobile phones or tablets.