Thermal Non-Contact Scanner Network Bullet Camera IP-5IR5433E1-T

Human body temperature hands-free measurement system. Indoor body temperature detection manages entry into buildings to protect users, businesses, and families from infectious diseases & improves access control. Assists with entry into apartments, hospital gates, shopping malls, store doors, and other commercial entryways. Sound & light alarm warnings for people with high and low body temperatures and includes face detection and face capture. General functions: watermark, IP address filtering, video mask, heartbeat, password protection, non-photosensitive switch, and image distortion correction. Visible light: 1/2.7” CMOS, 5MP@30FPS, 8mm. Thermal: 12.3mm, detection distance 6.5-20ft., and includes blackbody calibration. Thermal image and temperature can be overlaid on a visible-light image. Online connection supports simultaneous monitoring for up to 10 users and multi-stream real-time transmission.

SKU: IP-5IR5433E1-T

Touchless Thermal Detection:

  • 384× 288 uncooled detector
  • 17um,NETD: <35mK(@25°C, F#=1.0)
  • 12.3mm thermal imaging lens
  • Temperature accuracy:±0.5°C@(30°C~42°C) Blackbody calibration accuracy:±0.3°C@(30°C~42°C) ACB , DPC, 3D DNR, DDE A maximum of 30 people can be measured simultaneously
  • Multi-palette: white, black, pseudo-color
  • Temperature exception alarm.High temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, temperature exception Sound&Light Warning alarm

  • Visible Light:

  • 5MP ( × ) @30 fps
  • 1/2.7″ BSI NIR progressive CMOS image
  • Min. Illumination: Color :0.0125 lux @F2.0; AGC ON W/B:0.008 lux @F2.0; AGC ON
  • 8mm visible light lens
  • 3D DNR, true WDR(120dB), HLC, BLC
  • Built-in white light and loudspeaker
  • Capturing 30 faces simultaneously

  • Functions

  • Remote Monitoring: Web browsing, CMS remote control.
  • Online Connection: Support simultaneous monitoring for up to 10 users; Support multi-stream real time transmission.
  • Network Protocol: IPv4,IPv6, UDP, DHCP, NTP, RTSP, PPPoE, DDNS, SMTP, FTP, SNMP, 802.1x, UPnP, HTTP, HTTPS, QoS.
  • Interface Protocol: ONVIF.
  • Storage: Network remote storage; micro SD card storage.

  • This Human Body Temperature Measurement System works with: Thermal box Blackbody ED-5001BB

    Weight3 lbs
    Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in