Thermal Sensor Network Hybrid Bullet Security Camera HNC3I141-T/3

Temperature sensors Networking / Internet Protocol Security Camera (IPC) , Fixed bullet, Visible lens:1/2.7”, 4MP@30fps, 4 mm, Thermal lens: 256 × 192, 3.5mm; Perimeter Protection (PP), Smoking Detection, Fire detection, Built in Alarm, SD(256GB). Thermal hybrid camera is based on temperature monitoring, fire protection, security temperature protection and night vision functions. This temperature Sensor Security Camera can help you watch videos, record videotape objects, detect abnormal temperature, warn of potential fires, track cold/hot spots and analyze special behaviors. This product can be used in energy industry, transportation, construction, power system, public safety, enterprise and other fields (such as science, education, culture and health).

SKU: HNC3I141-T/3

  • · Uncooled Vox thermal sensor technology
  • · A thermalized lens (thermal camera), focus-free
  • · 1/2.7” 4Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
  • · Wi-Fi Optional
  • · Support ROI, motion detection, color palettes
  • · Smoking and call behavior detection
  • · Support fire detection & alarm
  • · Built-in 1/1 alarm in/out
  • · Micro SD memory, IP67, PoE
  • · Smart linkage with strobe light & audio
  • · Dual image fusion (visible and thermal images)
Weight2.7342 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in


  • PFA152-E | Pole Mount for PTZ

    PFA152-E || Accessory, Bracket

  • PFA130-E || Accessory, Bracket