Thermal Technology
Perimeter Protection

IVS Motion Detection

Smoke & Fire Detection

24/7 Monitoring
Predictive Maintenance

Perimeter Protection:

  • Reliable, clear, vivid images through even the harshest weather conditions, providing an effective detection rate day, night, rain, or shine.
  • Increased detection rate accuracy, with decreased false alarms, providing enhanced perimeter protection.
  • Real-time audio warnings and flashing white light provide excellent active deterrence feature and advanced perimeter protection.

IVS Motion Detection:

  • Innovative motion detection technology provides accurate human & vehicle classification for accurate detection and superior security.
  • Advanced thermal technology provides improved, unobstructed visual in even the harshest environments, providing effective motion detection and an enhanced video surveillance system.
  • Reliable visibility and detection rate day or night.

Smoke and Fire Detection:

  • Advanced AI technology can detect smoke and fire through differences in temperature, allowing for faster and more accurate smoke and fire detection.
  • Enhanced detection provides faster alarm and early-stage warning of smoke and fire. Can trigger an alarm an advance, potentially before fire ignites.
  • Utilizing an on-site video stream, this thermal security camera can directly locate the source of the temperature anomaly.

24/7 Monitoring:

  • Utilizing infrared radiation emitted from objects, instead of reflected visible light, this thermal security camera provides a reliable vivid image 24/7.
  • Advanced thermal technology provides improved, unobstructed visual in even the harshest environments and all-weather conditions.
  • With thermal infrared, obscurants such as smoke, sand, dust, rain, or snow can all be penetrating providing a consistent clean image.

Predictive Maintenance:

  • Thermal imaging technology provides continuous monitoring of heat anomalies in machinery, providing fast alarms for quick equipment maintenance.
  • This thermal security camera provides advanced, unobstructed visual always, detecting potential overheating, allowing for effective predictive maintenance and ensuring the safe operation and functionality of equipment.
  • Enhanced thermal technology directly identifies the source of the hear anomaly, allowing for early warning, and effective equipment monitoring and maintenance.


  • The waste in a transfer or recycling station is potentially flammable for many reasons. A lot of damage could be caused to the facility if the fire is not stopped from the early stage.
  • Thermal cameras measure the surface temperature of the waste without contact. The detection of unusual surface temperature of over 80°C indicates the preliminary stage of a fire source. On-site personnel can be warned to take corresponding measures before the fire happens.


  • Clothing is flammable. Improper handling of organic substances used in dry cleaning and high-temperature of the dryer can both cause fires. The laundry room is often left unattended and requires machine monitoring.
  • Thermal imaging can provide global monitoring in the laundry room. When an abnormal temperature or a rapid increase in temperature is found, it will promptly remind on-site personnel. Control the source of fire before it breaks out

Charging Station

  • The communication barriers between electric vehicles and power supply equipment can cause dangers such as battery overcharge and short circuit. When an electric vehicle is charging, both the terminal and the battery will heat up, posing a fire hazard.
  • Infrared cameras can detect abnormal temperatures and sudden rises in stations and charging vehicles, and alert parking operators and on-site staff before a real fire occurs. Compared with conventional detectors, thermal images provide a faster detection method.


  • The motor is prone to abnormalities when working under high temperature for a long time, which brings certain hidden dangers to production
  • Thermal imaging products can be used to monitor abnormal conditions during the motor’s work in real time, such as temperature rise. Then measures can be taken in time to avoid accidents and shutdowns.
  • Application Scenario: Mine, Waste Recycling Station, Factory

Technological Advantage

Thermal Cameras: The actual values of them far exceeds its price.

Core Values Summary:
Long-range Perimeter Protection, reducing whole project cost. Small scene easy deployment, guarding critical point security. No matter rain and fog, keeping sight of what’s important to you. Be sense to heat, fewer false alarms, fewer troublesome things. Instantaneous fire detection, effectively prevent the spread of it.

Long-range Perimeter Protection, reducing whole project cost

Thermal Imaging Camera

Conventional  Visual Camera

(100m Perimeter Case)

2mm <—> 15m
2.8mm <—> 12m
3.5mm <—> 24.5m
3.6mm <—> 15m
10mm <—> 70m
13.5mm <—> 30m


  • Public Sites (car dealership, hospital, holidays resorts, railway station, airport)
  • Factory, Office building, warehouse
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Industry & Electric Utility(solar farms, power generation, substation)
  • Agriculture (Cannabis)



It’s from good condition, once going into the harshest weather, conventional camera will get worse! But thermal cameras are tough and durable – withstanding it. Using thermal cameras can reduce camera and pole quantities, means less labor and lower cabling costs. Lots of benefits, and budget-friendly!

Small scene easy deployment, guarding critical point security

Residence Security

High-level Security

7/24h Monitoring

No hiding, get them while they’re hot!

It used to be that only superheroes could see in the dark. But since thermal cameras don’t depend on a light source, they can see the unseen. Let ENS thermal cameras serve as your protector and defender. They’ll strengthen your power to detect, verify, act, and protect privacy – while providing cost savings.

No matter rain and fog, keeping sight of what’s important to you.

Infrared rays has better penetrability as its wavelength is much larger than that of visible light

Visible light imaging in fog

Thermal imaging in fog

Reliable detection and verification, there’s no hiding from them. Because they capture images based solely on the heat radiating from people and objects, they’re unaffected by darkness or poor visibility. So they’re as accurate in pitch black, fog, and camouflage as they are on a bright sunny day.

More sensitive to heat source, fewer false alarms, fewer troublesome things.

More than image analysis, Excellent detection capability

Thermal cameras with high sensitivity detector can easily find small heat targets at a long distance and total darkness environment, unlike traditional techniques, which are limited to  the image-analysis

Instantaneous fire detection, effectively prevent the spread of it.

Fire can destroy multiple buildings or installations within an extremely short time frame. The value of the goods destroyed during a fire can be tremendous, and the cost of a life that is lost during a fire is impossible to calculate. With their non-contact method of measuring temperatures, thermal imaging cameras can help prevent fires by detecting hot spots before they ignite.

Eco-Thermal Products – Highlights

Smart Function Effective Coverage

Perimeter Protection Detection Distance

Fire Detection Distance

Smoking Detection Distance

Temperature Measurement Distance (-T)

PS: the data is only used to reflect the maximum performance of the camera, and the performance of intelligence  depends on the actual conditions on the site