Titanium Temperature Panel Smart Management NVR ED9308H5NV-8P-T

8CH IPC or IP Panel with (8POE),80/80Mbps,4K,HDMI/VGA, Audio/Alarm,1 SATA. The smart management terminal ED9308H5NV-8P-T is specially designed and developed for AI application management, like body temperature measurement, time attendance, access control, etc. It supports real-time face capture, temperature display and alarm out, statistics, video preview, search and playback.

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  • Real-time display of all abnormal data, including abnormal temperature, mask off, block list, etc.
  • Real-time display of face snapshots, body temperature and human body snapshots
  • Real-time alarm for abnormal temperature and non-mask detection
  • Precise face recognition with masks
  • Real-time personnel information display, including name, area, temperature, mask on/off, company, etc.
  • Statistics of abnormal temperature and non-mask detection in recent 24 hours or 7 days
  • Statistics of abnormal attendance in recent 24 hours or 7 days
  • Statistics of the people information, including staff, allow list, block list, VIP, stranger and staff counts
  • Personnel records search, including the identity, detected time, temperature, location, etc.
  • Statistics of people entering or exiting facilitate people flow control
  • Face greeting view and settings via Web client
  • Supports 8 CH 8MP/ 6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/1280×1024/960P/720P/960H/D1/CIF IP video input
  • Standard H.265 high profile compression format to get high-quality video at much lower bit rate
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Graphic User Interface ( GUI ), Windows style operation by mouse
  • Up to 10TB capacity for each HDD
  • 4K ultra-high definition output
  • Specification

    AI Device Access8CH
    Face Picture Database4 groups: attendance group/allow list/blocklist/ VIP 30,000 Faces Pictures
    Computing Capability180 pictures/minute
    Face Picture SearchSearch and playback by time/camera/event/temperature/mask
    Face Picture AddingAdd face pictures through APP, Web, and external import
    External Face Picture enrollment

    Resolution: 128×128 ~ 1920×1080
    Size: less than 70KB
    Format: jpg & jpeg

    Eventallow list/blocklist/VIP/temperature exception alarm
    StatisticsStatistical information display by day, week, month, quarter as well as the customized time period in the bar graph or pie chart
    Attendance RuleWeek / Month / Customization
    Access Control Trigger TypeStaff / VIP / Allow List
    Temperature Measurement
    UnitFahrenheit / Celsius
    StatisticsReal-time Statistics / Historical Statistics
    Weight5.423365 lbs
    Dimensions17.6378048 × 4.0157502 × 12.6771722 in