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Providing a Successful and Secure Experience in the Modern Retail Landscape

Technological Solutions for Retail Challenges

Enhancing Security and Customer Experience
through Intelligent Business Insights

Retailers face evolving challenges in today’s digital retail landscape. Mobile access has transformed customer shopping behaviors, impacting profits. Instant market-wide price comparisons, inventory updates, and discounts greatly influence their bottom line. To thrive, retailers must adapt and achieve more with fewer resources.

ENS Security solutions empower retailers to effectively tackle safety, security, loss prevention, marketing, and operational efficiency. Video surveillance offers a means to address shoplifting, internal theft, slip and fall incidents, and other safety concerns.

Moreover, by integrating business intelligence, retailers can gather additional data to enhance efficiency and cultivate customer loyalty. ENS Security solutions and the integration of business intelligence offers retailers the means to overcome challenges, ensure safety, optimize operations, and create personalized experiences that foster customer loyalty.

Centralized Management Systems:
SMB Retail Industry Video Surveillance Solutions

ENS offers a range of solutions to help retailers optimize profits, deliver superior customer service, and manage safety and security. Central management software allows for enterprise-wide store management from a centralized location. This scalable system supports can support advanced analytics like human and vehicle detection, people counting, facial recognition, and point-of-sale integration.

With proactive health monitoring, continuous system operation is ensured, and alarm notifications and key video access are available on mobile devices. ENS Security’s diverse camera options, including turret, dome, bullet, thermal, panoramic, fisheye, and mini PTZs, cater to various retail industry needs. Full Color technology captures clear, vivid images in extreme low-light environments.

Broad Area Surveillance Applications

01 | Store Entrances/Exits
4K technology allows for clear visibility and excellent video quality, even in the most extreme contrast conditions.

02 | Server and Cash Room
Full-Color cameras with 4K technologies monitor highly sensitive areas. Access control can restrict access to servers, cash rooms, and other restricted high risk areas.

03 | Sales Floor
Fisheye cameras with high megapixel resolution offer expansive and inexpensive surveillance coverage for open floor plans.

04 | Stock Rooms/Loading Dock
High resolution 4K cameras, coupled with cutting-edge analytics provides traceability for shipments/stock remotely through your mobile device.

05 | Corridor Views
Covert cameras allow for the capture of human activity through discreet surveillance coverage.

06 | Parking Areas
Active Deterrence, Full-Color, and Multi-Sensor cameras provide broad area surveillance to cover entire parking lots. Providing superior video images with 4K technology, wide area coverage with fewer cameras, deterring theft, and reducing your liability for slip and fall litigation.

07 | Alleyway/ Dumpster Areas
Full-Color technology provides efficient forensic data, even in the harshest low-light environments and accurate human/vehicle detection, deterring employee theft and dumpster diving incidents.

08 | Warehouse
Utilize access control, and cutting-edge 4K technology in order to control who can enter/exit the facility, and provide enhanced vivid images in a warehouse scenario.

Feature Product Technology

Business Intelligence Technology

People Counting, Heat Mapping, Line Queuing, Face Mask and Face Detection; ENS provides solutions with advanced retail centric analytics; allowing businesses to develop efficient staffing metrics to march peak service hours, identify high traffic areas for marketing optimization, and point-of-sale integration to provide valuable business data for substantial ROI.


  • Advanced License Plate Recognition technology
  • Efficient Perimeter Protection
  • Monitor customer traffic


  • Fisheye view
  • Built-in mic, Heat map
  • Understand customer traffic within your store


  • Understand customer flow and store rush hours with People Counting Technology
  • Use people counting analytics for efficient employee management
  • Leverage heat mapping for effective product placement

Full-Color at Night Technology

ENS Full-Color at night technology provides effective true color solutions; detecting theft, vandalism, and other criminalities with enhanced image detail in extreme no light or low-light conditions for parking lots and/or alley-ways.


  • 8MP 4K Full-Color turret
  • 24 hour Full-Color images with built-in mic
  • IP67 protection


  • 8MP 4K Full-Color bullet
  • 24 hour Full-Color images with built-in mic
  • IK10 and IP67 vandal resistant


  • 4MP turret with built-in mic and speaker
  • Smart Motion Detection Plus with red & blue flash alarm
  • Siren and light Active Deterrence

Active Deterrence Technology

Safeguard your property and assets with advanced perimeter protection combined with active deterrence technology. Receive information and alerts and verify potential risks in real time. Utilize advanced deterrent features such as siren and light alarm, red and blue flashing lights, audio warnings, and Full-Color at night to actively warn off intruders.


  • 4K Active Deterrence bullet camera with clear, vivid images
  • Warn off intruders in real-time with built-in mic and speaker technology


8MP Full-color Bullet Network Security Camera HNC3I189T1-ASPV/28
  • 4K fixed bullet at 30 fps
  • White Light LED |98 ft| with built-in mic and speaker
  • Smart Motion Detection Plus with red and blue flash alarm
  • Siren and light Active Deterrence


8MP IR Fixed Focal Eyeball Network Security Camera HNC3I381H-ASPV/28
  • Active alarm triggered automatically
  • Direct two-way talk from PC/Mobile to Camera
  • SMD+ and Perimeter Protection
  • Built-in mic and speaker


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